The Artling is for people who are interested in building art and creativity into their everyday life.  It’s about being creative in the short spaces of time that life allows and in easy, do-able ways.

Jan Allsopp, Visual Artist

Hello! I am the human behind The Artling blog. I’m Jan Allsopp and I am an artist.  I just moved to the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia.

I’ve been a ‘collector’ of techniques and processes and as a consequence have created in many forms (painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, artist books, bookbinding and print making for starters).

Recently I found myself suddenly on the wrong side of 50 and decided I had better knuckle down and create the work that has been niggling in the back of my brain for decades.  From this The Artling was born. Here I share my new journey and help you begin (or continue) yours.

My art has always been motivated by a belief that there is extraordinary hidden in the ordinary.  My current work aims to remind us of the beauty of things that are right before our eyes; beauty obscured by familiarity, everyday scenes that are so taken for granted that they have, until now, been clouded by busy-ness.

Through my paintings and drawings I strive to reawaken a sense of wonder about everyday life.  After all, there is only today.  We spend most of our days in our ‘everyday’ life.  Life is truly wonderful if we are present to the precious value of the ordinary!

Updated February 2013