How To Retire In 12 Months by Serena Star Leonard9 weeks ago I had a dream. Now I have achieved it. In only 9 weeks I have created this website from nothing. I have many more dreams now. Dreams of building on what I’ve done already, of making it even better, offering more and building on the friendships which I’ve already made in this short time.

Do you dream of having a website that works, that looks good, that you are in control of? I highly recommend the Website Launchpad Course. I have just completed the first course run by Serena Star Leonard (of How To Retire in 12 Months fame) and she is only offering it one more time before she heads off on her next adventure. The course starts in October. There are only 15 more places available so jump right in and get one!!

You will learn a whole range of skills, get your website up in the first week for only $50 and do other things you had no idea you could do! Plus you get 2 business coaching sessions with Serena which is worth the price of the course just by itself! Serena is so talented, creative and knowledgeable. Her presentation style is easy to follow and well paced plus you have access to the sessions via video for 6 months after the course.

I also ‘met’ some other fabulous bloggers who have become great contacts and friends. Check out the websites they created!

Feel free to contact me for more information either by email (the.artling [at] or by comments below.  I’m happy to answer any queries.  I want to see your website! And let me know if you want to see more websites from the course and I’ll add them.