Art and creativity in the everyday world.

artling ~ noun. (pl. ~s)
1: one who creates art, esp. everyday art.
2: child of art.
3: a beginning artist.
4: an experienced artist who feels like a beginning artist when starting to create, usually every time.
5: anyone who loves art

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Motivation + Action = Results

Motivation + Action = Results

I’ve been sorely in need of motivation lately! Since my last post *ages* ago, I’ve moved to a new town, new home, new just about everything. And oh my, it’s all proved a huge distraction from my creating! It’s time to take a break from unpacking and organising and get back into the creative swing...
Creative Commitment versus Personal Promise

Creative Commitment versus Personal Promise

Personal Promise Recently we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Honestly it feels like only a few short months since out 25th and not much longer since, well, you know how the story goes… it all just flies by in a flash and before you know it, your kids are grown and you’ve been married 30...