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Invoicing Software

Purchase-Sales-Inventory (PSI) Customization and Development

We contract customization and development based on various needs of enterprises.

Global Sourcing Platform

Special functions: multiple language, currency, storehouses, storage positions, operators, over sea&domestic on line system Key module: procurement management, sales management, warehouse management, human resources, financial management, collaborative OA system, and system maintenance.

PSI for E-Commerce Foreign Trade

This system is more suitable for e-commerce clients such as Alibaba, Ebay, Amazon etc. It supports data integration, EXCEL input and output, distribution module, oversea and domestic on line, whole course bar code management, inspection and delivery (prevent wrong delivery)

Newpage PSI Foreign Trade Version (English and Chinese)

Newpage foreign trade management system applies for both oversea and domestic middle and small scaled foreign trade industry enterprises, being an integrated enterprise management software for material resourcing management(logistics), human resources management (personnel movement), financial resources management(finance flow), information resources management (information flow), which integrates finance, procurement, sales, inventory and other business functions on one information management platform, to realize information data standardization, system launching integration, business process rationalization, dynamic performance monitor and continuity of management improvement. Common users can master the operation method of the software quickly without training attributing its features like clear software interface, simple operation, humanized procedure design. Support various marketing methods to local area network (LAN) and internet development.

Production Software

ERP Customization & Development

Newpage production management, as a key product of Guangzhou Newpage, solves internal management problems of enterprises, while tracing production process at real time, so as to realize information integration. The emerge of Newpage production management brings revolutionary innovation to middle and small enterprises. Newpage production management applies latest collaborative technique in the business management to realize information integration through internet. Enterprises need to integrate internal staff and resources of functional department and other subsidiary companies, and at the same time, make full use of information technology to build collaborative environment between departments, to realize organization-crossing of business procedures, to mutually improve the response speed to project so as to help the whole company procedure trend to the healthy and fast circulation.

ERP free version(single)

新页生产管理,作为广州新页重点产品,它解决了企业内部管理问题,又能实时的跟踪生产过程,让企业真正信息一体化。    新页生产管理的诞生将为中小企业管理带来革命性的创新。 新页生产管理将最新的协同技术应用于企业的业务管理当中,使企业可以通过互联网来实现信息的整合,企业需要将内部员工、职能部门和其他子公司间的资源进行有效整合,并充分利用信息技术,建立部门间的协同环境,实现业务流程的跨组织化,以便共同提高对项目的响应速度,促进整个公司流程趋于良性快速循环。

ERP Professional (team)


Other Software

Engineering Project Management

Newpage engineering management system,is aself-researched and developed system by Guangzhou NewpageInformation Technology Co., Ltd, through engaging in many project informational construction of other enterprises, condensing rich experiencein project management information R&D, combining the actually situation of Chinese project management, with scientific and advanced features. Newpage engineering project is based on C/S structure,integrates longitudinally and horizontally the business stream, information stream and working stream with each engaging department and unit during the project management, to realize comprehensive, integrated, real time andauthentic enterprise project management. While making sure single project success,project-based enterprises can meet more multi-project management challenges, through its multi-project management and portfolio management ability, help enterprise select project according to strategy, allocate resource and fund rationally, make sure the realization of strategic aimof enterprise. At the same time, make sure the fast growth of project team through collecting, integrating and settling information, based on the best practice of enterprise project, and make sure the repeatability of project success,so that to improve the maturity and competitive power of project management of enterprise. New page engineering project management is comprised of 8 modules of “project maintenance”, ”customer relationship”“PSI management” “finance and HR”, “collaborative OA”, ”Statement centre”, “basic data” and“system maintenance”. All the project management businesses are arranged and collaborated around the delivery plan of project, attach most importance to project cost control andwhole-course contract management. Avoid each department losing the interest of the whole situation only focusing on interest of small part through the launching of new page engineering project to ensure the smooth proceeding of project.

Client Relations Management

New pageCRMclient relations management system mainly focuses on client file management, client data management, client service management, client information management, client-oriented, involving the client management of the whole company to unified standard management through combining product, finance, aftersales service, team management, performance evaluation and collaborative OA management platform, to effectively standardize the sales procedure of enterprise, strengthen the management of potential client opportunity, improve customer service quality, effectively manage clients resources and strengthen the ability to earn profit. Strong software function with its simple operation is developed for LAN and internet for client’s effective and better remote control. Software has no best one, but only most suitable one. In order to help you find your most suitable software, we provide the customized service, which can create your most suitable customer relation management system according to your needs!!!

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