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Engineering Project Management
Newpage engineering management system,is aself-researched and developed system by Guangzhou NewpageInformation Technology Co., Ltd, through engaging in many project informational construction of other enterprises, condensing rich experiencein project management information R&D, combining the actually situation of Chinese project management, with scientific and advanced features. Newpage engineering project is based on C/S structure,integrates longitudinally and horizontally the business stream, information stream and working stream with each engaging department and unit during the project management, to realize comprehensive, integrated, real time andauthentic enterprise project management. While making sure single project success,project-based enterprises can meet more multi-project management challenges, through its multi-project management and portfolio management ability, help enterprise select project according to strategy, allocate resource and fund rationally, make sure the realization of strategic aimof enterprise. At the same time, make sure the fast growth of project team through collecting, integrating and settling information, based on the best practice of enterprise project, and make sure the repeatability of project success,so that to improve the maturity and competitive power of project management of enterprise. New page engineering project management is comprised of 8 modules of “project maintenance”, ”customer relationship”“PSI management” “finance and HR”, “collaborative OA”, ”Statement centre”, “basic data” and“system maintenance”. All the project management businesses are arranged and collaborated around the delivery plan of project, attach most importance to project cost control andwhole-course contract management. Avoid each department losing the interest of the whole situation only focusing on interest of small part through the launching of new page engineering project to ensure the smooth proceeding of project.







Enterprise collaborative management for multiple project, organization and business
With strong management ability for project group crossing organizations, support multiple projects, crossing regions, and concentrated management of multiple types. Collect, proceed, and search for project data according to different need of each management level, to realize the high collaboration ofproject team of high-rank making decision, mid-rank controlling, low-rank operating, to fully promote the health development of all projects, is a real professional enterprise-level project management software platform.

Pay attention to the plan-based time management
Integrated project Gantt chart, setting main project process plan as the basis for the work collaboration for each business, conducts quality and safety inspections independently in the project closely around the main proceeding plan. Each management business and process combine with proceeding plan and generate dynamic management system, at the mean time, with precise planning, strict tracing and effective control features.


Emphasize “project to be controlling core”expense management
With full and thorough project management, refined tracing of any changes, professional and practical payment management, flexible and useful cost working sheet. Based on the classical concept of investment cost control, setting project as core, establish complete and strict record, document, caveats and tracing system to the drafts, execution, revision, payment and settlement of contract. The organic combination of project dynamic management and cost dynamic control provides very important analysis method for project management and investment control.


Thorough, simple and practical authority management system
Based on  authority management of roles, realize the authorization to users to check, revise, delete, review, print, issue procedure to the system and other authorization unit, making all the involving personnel of the project management have clear responsibility on the same platform with safe and reliable system. Support graded authorization mechanism. Satisfy group level application mode through multi- level authorization management method of complicated organization like group, company  and project.



1. Softwareinstallation environment:
Support operational system such as Win98,Win2000,Win2003,Win xp,Win2008,Win 7
Database: SQL SERVER

2. Installation of software:

Newpage software bag has server, client and SQL SERVER database.Server and client have to be installed when installing software for the first time,  all the software can function normally with the support of server;software server and client system can automatically inspect if your computer has installed database, if not, system will remind you to install. Password of database has to be entered. Therefore, it is advised to use more complicated password to ensure the safety of data.
3. Launch of software:

3.1Set up account set
①. After installation, server will pop up and remind: please set up account set for the first launching. The interface for setting up account set pops up after clicking on confirm, user can set name of account set and database.The connection ofdatabase with server, username and password of database will be set as default.
②. Select log in mode:standalone version, LAN or internet? Users applying through LAN should select LAN, otherwise choose internet. While choosing internet, it is also able to apply through LAN;

③.The system defaults account set import demonstration data.User can choose whether to import demo data or leave it vacant data. For fresh user, we suggest import demo data. Create account set after clicking confirm to save.

3.2 Log in account set
①. After creating account set, click client to use, login user name is defaulted as admin,account number and password of operator is vacant;

②. Select connection mode: local access, LAN access or internet access: server through local access is defaulted as, with port 2022; for user through LAN access,the server need to enter IP address of installation server computer, with port 2022;for user through internet connection, the domain name of server is peanut shell, with port of 2022;

③. After setting parameter, click on obtaining account set information, then popping all the account information under this server. After selecting account set and clicking on log in, user can log in and use software normally.
4. Normal operation of software

Fresh software user should first set operator management,operatorauthority and system parameters. System parameters include controls to inventory module (able to set simple mode- inventory can be negative sum strict mode – inventory cannot be negative), sales mode (sales without inventory and  sales from inventory), document saving catalogue, whether auto-review, company name, company address, picture saving catalogue, and digit kept for value and other parameters.

After setting all the system parameters, each kind of basic file should be set, such as commodity data, client information, warehouse data and some other basic information such as measurement units, commodity categories, client classification etc. This information are the basis for software launching. The establishment of basic file should be standard, so that each function of software can be effectively used.
Launch procurement management, sales management and inventory management functions of software after preparation of basic materials.
Software has a complete statement centre. User could check various relevant statement and data in the statement centre. Al. the operation interface can customize name of field. All the data can be printed out directly, and exported in excel format. All the statement can be customized revised.

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