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Purchase-Sales-Inventory (PSI) Customization and Development
We contract customization and development based on various needs of enterprises.

■We possess multi - language PSI system
■We possess multi- currency rate exchange rate auto-conversion system
■We possess auto management system for multi- storehouse andeach storage position
■We possess whole course bar code management and tracing system
■We possess tracing system for batch and serial number for products
■Weprocess tracing and following-up systemfor various complicated task allocation,task progress and contract
■We possess client order and following-up system
■We possess e-commerce integration system, auto management and wrong delivery prevention controlling system
■We possess system to set different bonus for various sales staff
■We possess various systems to follow upand remindpayment to client
■We have conducted order EXCEL importing system on various platforms
■We have conducted various maintenance, installation & commission, equipment fault detection system
■We have conducted various industry chain integration systems for clients and suppliers, all of whom apply the function through authorization
■We have also developed vother different functions and customizations, we can develop for almost all the demands as long as they are without logical problem.
■The most important thing is: we are not expensive

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