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Global Sourcing Platform
Special functions: multiple language, currency, storehouses, storage positions, operators, over sea&domestic on line system Key module: procurement management, sales management, warehouse management, human resources, financial management, collaborative OA system, and system maintenance.
Function Features:
■Support use of multi-currency and exchange rate auto-conversion, as well as the statistics of cost and profit after conversion
■Support multi-warehouse coordinative application and as specified as storehouse position management
■Support bilingualism: Chinese and English (other languages are able to be added)
■Support bar code scanning, printing function, label printing and product introduction printing functions etc
■Pre-set different unit price grade according to various kinds of clients.
■Support H1AL and IOAL forstorehouse goods
■Support collaborative OA functions like message management, scheduling program, document sharing etc.
■User can set the export printing report and statement at liberty to satisfy different needs of document
■Support multi user operation, oversea and domestic on-line
■Integrated supplier and client management system
■Optimized operator and authority allocation
■Support EXCEL format output and input
■Support cell phone login and specific rapid PDA check and verification
■Secure and reliable data back-up and recovery function
■All the names of controls and field can be customized.
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