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Newpage PSI Foreign Trade Version (English and Chinese)
Newpage foreign trade management system applies for both oversea and domestic middle and small scaled foreign trade industry enterprises, being an integrated enterprise management software for material resourcing management(logistics), human resources management (personnel movement), financial resources management(finance flow), information resources management (information flow), which integrates finance, procurement, sales, inventory and other business functions on one information management platform, to realize information data standardization, system launching integration, business process rationalization, dynamic performance monitor and continuity of management improvement. Common users can master the operation method of the software quickly without training attributing its features like clear software interface, simple operation, humanized procedure design. Support various marketing methods to local area network (LAN) and internet development.


System Features:
1. High professionalism: flexibly set various management methods for middle and small scaled enterprises of foreign trade business.
2. Broad coverage: the system includes integrated enterprise management software for material resource management(logistics), human resources management (personnel movement), financial resourcesmanagement(finance flow) and information resources management (information flow).
3. Advanced technique: the system can well cooperate with software in bar code technique and radio frequency technique while using mainstream technology.
4. Flexible business: the system is through the whole working procedure, which can be set up and used flexibly by each department.
5. Clear management: system can specifically present cost and profit that enterprises usually care about, and alarm the abnormal issues.
6. High expandability: able to add new business procedures, improve and perfect process details. We can make it as long as clients need!

Function Features:
■Support bilingualism: Chinese and English
■Support bar code scanning and printing functions
■Support procurement and sales mode in multiple currency, unit, and warehouse
■Pre-set different unit price grade based on different clients.
■Support H1AL and IOALforstorehouse goods
■Support collaborative OA function like message management, scheduling program, document sharing etc.
■User can set the output printing report and statement at liberty to satisfy different needs of document
■Support product assembling and disassembling
■Support multi user operation
■Complete supplier and client management system
■Able to set the authority for users to check unit price, clients, products, warehouse and document
■Support EXCEL format import and export
■Secure and reliable data back-up and recovery function
■All control users can adjust in a flexible manner
■Detailed authority distribution, each function module can set functions like read, add, revise, delete, review etc.
■Support cash deposit and withdrawal, enter into account by cheque, on line payment, Alipay, bank document revenue and expenditure, banking business management, to clearly reflect journal account of each business, and reflect profit status of companyin time.
■Strong report and statement centre, gathering all data focus, check detailed journal accounts receivable and payable of supplier and client at real time, bonus of sales staff, and analyse business situation of enterprise distinctly.
■Provide bar chart and pie chart to analyse data of suppliers, clients, salesmen, warehouse and fund at different phases in different grades
■Integrate human resources to assist HR management,performance assessment, payroll management to staff in the company

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